Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy !!!

I have wrote before about the struggle I deal with at time excepting that my father is gone. Today was his 73 Birthday !!! I really believe that G-d knew how hard today was going to be because he sent me great friends to spend it with. I miss him so much more than I could ever put into words. Sometimes I wish I could have a one day pass to see him, but then I know one day would never be enough.

My father was not a religious man by any means, but the one thing he did believe was that when you passed on your spirit was sent back to nature. It's an old Indian belief called the everywhere spirit. You become part of the earth, the trees, the wind, and animals. I like to believe that this is where my daddy is . When the wind blows and brushes my cheek that is him. When the birds are chirping outside my window that is him. I choose to believe that he is watching his grandchildren grow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY !!!!! Gerald Edward Davis May 28,1938- October 5, 2007

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Journey has ended, but another has just began !!!

Well it is official I am Jewish woman !!!! I was asked if I feel any different ? I do ,but in a sense that I can not explain. I have been living my life as a Jewish woman for 3yrs now. I think as the days, weeks, and months pass I will notice more of the change. I do feel a great sense of pride to say I am a Jewish American !!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


The name of this post is Reflection and for good reason...Today I am reflecting on all I have learned in the last 6yrs. I normally tell people that I started my journey to Judaism 3 and half years ago, but truth be told it started about 3yrs before that. Before we ever attended our first Shabbat service or spoke with a Rabbi I had been learning, reading, and studying about Judaism.

I Reflect back on a trip that my family made about 6yrs ago. It was right about the time husband had brought the idea up to me. At this time I was still set against converting. I knew nothing about being a Jew and the image I had in my mind was more Amish than anything..LOL...During this car ride he was listening to a musician by the name of Matisyahu and I remember being very critical of this musician. Today this is one of my favorite Jewish artists.. I know now that was G-d telling me that this is where I need to be, but me not wanting to listen.

I also reflect on what I have learned. A few weeks ago I had my daughter (4) at the park. It was shortly before Easter and another mom whom I did not know started small talk. You know whats your name, how old is your daughter, do you work ? I answered them all, but when I told her I was a fitness instructor she looked at me a bit odd. Which I am used to know being an overweight fitness instructor you normally do get an odd look. She sold health supplements and of course was trying to get me to buy some. I explained to her that I have a thyroid condition that limits what I can take. She then ask me if I believe in healing...drum roll please....I said yes ..She then proceeded to say "you know the strips on his side were for our sins".. Normally I do not say " Hi my name is Crystal and I am a Jew.." LOL.. So of course she had no idea. I politely told her that I was Jewish and she then politely tried to Save Me..From what I am not sure..She seemed very confused that I didn't concern myself with heaven or hell.. I reflect on how I may have handled this situation before my journey began...Then I realize this would not have happened.

I also reflect on how grateful I am for the teachers that my children have. When they ask me to come in and talk about our Holiday's or festivals. Hanukkah is always a given to talk about , but this year I was asked to speak about Passover as well.

On this eve of my final step in my conversion journey, however just the beginning of my Jewish journey REFLECTION is the only thing that comes to mind.