Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Jewish Journey !!!!

There have been some really exciting things happen since I last posted..This post I am going to focus on my faith. My boys were part of their first Jewish dedication last Friday night at our Shabbat service. They were given their consecration certificates and a small Torah. It was to make official their Jewish learning and Sunday school.. Now my oldest has been going to Sunday school for 3yrs now and my middle boy for 2 yrs now , but we thought it would really be great to have this ceremony for them now they also have another young boy in their class as well.. It was just so exciting..

We also nailed down a date for our conversion to be complete and that is May. Although I feel in every aspect that I am already Jewish. This is a mere formality to say the least. None the less it is very, very exciting.. This Journey has been the most amazing thing I have ever been on..I have discovered so much about myself and the way I truly want to live my life..

I try to find words that explain how I feel. It is not that easy to say the least.. There are many out there whom I know do not understand the journey that I am on.. That is fine with me we all have our own Journey's in life. They are not meant for other's to understand they are merely meant for us to understand.

On that note I shall close this post ....

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